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The 3 Principles of Awesome Culture


It's ALL about people! Your people are your greatest asset.  Take care of your team and your team will take care of your company. Happy Team = Happy Customers = Happy Business!

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Set SMART goals, reverse engineer the process and empower your people. Celebrate accomplishments big and small. Alignment x Focus x Effort = Success!

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Core values are the foundation of your culture. Jump-start your culture by identifying your core values and amplify them in everything you do. (Core Values x Action)² = Amazing Results!

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Learning how to build an awesome and authentic company culture is within everyone’s grasp.

Is it easy? Definitely not. Is it doable? ABSOLUTELY! Imagine a workplace connected to a higher purpose, where trust is fostered and abundant, where one’s time is productive and enjoyable, where relationships are nurtured, where people are recognized as the organization’s greatest asset, and where team success is the measurement for greatness...that is an AWESOME place to work...

Why focus on culture?

A GREAT company culture is the ultimate competitive advantage!


  • Higher levels of trust, engagement and retention

  • Increased communication, collaboration, and innovation

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Greater financial performance

  • Greater personal and professional happiness

What I Offer

Curated programs for your unique company

I’ll help you and your team build world-class culture using a proven blueprint that accelerates success and makes work fun.
Together, we'll leapfrog years of trial and error and get more of the right stuff done, while transforming your company into a magnet for great talent.  Limited spots available for motivated entrepreneurs and leaders of forward-thinking companies.

I believe in


Make a positive difference and create a ripple effect of awesome


Have fun in everything you do!


Encourage creativity and genius. There's always a way


Make the complex simple


Be courageous and dare to do things differently


Evolve continuously


Celebrate achievements big and small


Lead with your heart and act with integrity

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Learn the proven, systematic approach to building world class culture!

Speaking Engagements

Presentations and conversations that inspire awesome in the workplace!


Group coaching to help your leadership team grow and thrive!

We love our clients and

Our Clients Love Us

Working with Marty and his team has been a truly eye opening experience. I had no idea how much our company was missing out on before he came in and help us transform our culture.

Our team has been blown away with the personalized service Marty and his team have provided to our company. Work has become fun again!

My executive coaching experience with Marty Imes has clearly impacted my company's bottom line through my increased personal effectiveness. My ability to direct and lead people has strengthened the level of respect, influence, and relationships I have with others. I highly recommend such a confidential and helpful approach.

I found the time our management team spent with Marty Imes to be invaluable. I learned more about how to be effective in communicating internally with stakeholders than I even expected. The lessons learned are not forgotten and make me a better leader as a result.

My Story

From Frustration To Stoke

From the moment I stepped into my first HR role in the spring of 2007, I knew I wanted to make the world a better place to work.

But after six months on the job, team member resignations were spiking at a rate never seen before in company history.

I knew if the trend continued, we'd be in serious trouble.

So I set out on a quest to change my approach and implement a sustainable, longterm solution.

After a number of trials and errors, stumbles and setbacks, I realized that if our company was going to turn things around and succeed in a rapidly changing business environment, we were going to have to change our culture.

And you know what? It worked.

7 years later, the same company that faced a mass exodus of talent in 2007, was recognized by FORTUNE Magazine and Great Place to Work for being one of the Top 25 Best Small Companies to Work For in America.

If you're a business leader who's experiencing similar frustrations, I highly recommend you make company culture a strategic priority.

Additionally, if you'd like to accelerate the process and could use a helping hand, I'd be honored to work with you.

Cheers to your success,

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